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Regional Medical Rental & Sales has been a strong force in the medical and surgical products distribution business for over 30 years.

Products Spotlight

Aids for Daily Living

Bath aids are products designed for use in and around the bathroom to facilitate and ease the tasks associated with daily hygiene. Entering and exiting a bath or shower can be difficult when one's mobility is impaired due to illness, injury or post-surgery. These products are available to assist you or your family member to remain healthy and independent.

Beds & Mattresses

Beds, mattresses and accessories encompass a variety of products designed for those who may be bed-bound or for longer term illnesses and recovery. We offer total electric beds, a variety of mattresses for standard or therapeutic use and accessories to assist in getting into and out of the bed.

Patient Nutrition

Enteral nutrition is an important element for those who may be diagnosed with a calorie deficit disorder or who may need liquid calories as a supplement or treatment during recovery from an illness or surgery. We carry a wide variety of nutritional products.


Oxygen and respiratory products come in a variety of delivery methods to assist those who may temporarily or permanently require the use of oxygen. From portable tanks to home fill units to concentrators to portable concentrators, there is an oxygen solution that will fit your lifestyle and make breathing easier.

Walking Aids

From canes to crutches and walkers to wheelchairs, we offer a wide variety of walking and mobility aids to assist in your activities of daily living.


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